Wednesday, February 16, 2011


OH. nk kena gigit kah?
hahahahha. pnh trima tawaran dahulu kala, upu, ambek VET. doc haiwan.. tp ms tu dh berada di u dah. nk buat mcm mana. huhuhu. minat tu, mmg la. sebab i love animals.....

semua org selalu guna pepatah garang seperti harimau. n semua org pon maybe akan basah seluar kalau terjumpa rimau. yola. TAKOT KOT!! tahu je rimau ganas. tp tau x psl harimau, yg ssungguhnya?

we have fingerprints. fingerprints r used to identify people. so do tigers.but they have different STRIPES on their body okeh not fingerprints, known as pattern on their skin which can be distinguished among themselves.
a tiger can eat 60 pounds meat in a meal. just imagine how people can eat for that much. only crazy one can imagine it. but, they can survive for several days without eating anything until they find their next victim.
oh, regarding more about tigers. they can run more powerful compared to u while driving a car(58 km/hour). just only few people la drive cars below than that limit.(hahaha)
now, only a small amount of tigers left in this world, less than 6 thousand..
n why people just take it easy?
tigers even boiled and used in chinese medicine. i dont know why they do that, as we know too many drugs, another option to cure diseases. why shoud we harm the world, by interfering with "food web" and "food chain" (as teachers taught us since primary school).

too much me babbling kan?

haa. sebenarnya.
baru terlihat berita kt tv3 td. ada la sekor ank rimau ni,leopard kot. comel sgt2. mata bulat. dia trmasuk dlm perangkap yg digunakan untuk tgkap musang, musang yg suka sgt cari psl ngn pnduduk kg, membaham ayam.
rupanya tertangkap RIMAU. sgt kesian tgok ank rimau td.. dia dibawa ke mna tah..dah la mata bulat. rasa nk bg penyepak je sbb geram sgt, comel :(.
xbolehkah dilepaskan balik ke dalam hutan?  sbb dia nk hidup bebas nnt dia akn g gigit org plak.
xbolehkah dilepaskan dlm hutan yg mmg xde org lgsg? :(

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